Wednesday, January 23, 2008


it's finally here! a new post from katelynn! and it only took a bazillion days...
well what can i say since i posted last. not a lot. my life hasn't really changed a whole bunch. but i suppose i could tell you about a few highlights to my life, and finals, and this weekend...
ok so maybe i have more to say than i thought i did.

well let's start with basketball and my interesting story. ok well you see this one day, we went to bethlehem school to play basketball against them. and i was on the floor, and guarding this girl, and she gets the ball and starts racing down the court for a fast-break layup, right? wrong. well right i guess because this is what she did, she's running down the court. but i'm with her, step for step. the annoying thing is that i can't seem to get ahead of her, but hey, i caught up, so that counts for something! anyways, she goes up to do her layup--step step jump. well i'm right with her, jump at the same time as her...and what do i do? bodycheck her into the wall, of course!
didn't see that one coming, did you?
yeah she went flying into the mats they have on the wall. poor girl...i felt bad. but she wasn't hurt. and i didn't really mean to do that. but i did by accident. took a foul for it, but it was worth it.

and last week i went to the michael buble concert. it was really, really good. caitlin and i had a lot of fun singing all the songs and making fun of him and his dance moves, and laughing at his (at times) vulgar jokes. ahh, what a good night.

finals have been easy. no joke. my last one is tomorrow, math. and it will be my hardest. all the other ones have been super easy, some of them a joke, really.

ok and now on to this weekend. well i am going to the retreat, which i am super excited for, it's going to be spectacular. i was supposed to be going to the select band thing on the weekend, but i asked my parents and they said i could go to the retreat instead. and i e-mailed my band teacher just to let her know i wouldn't be there, and she sent me an e-mail back and from the sounds of it, she isn't too happy! she's angry that me and some other people who are now not going took the spots of people of people who were turned away. and in some ways she made me feel guilty, because i was supposed to go and i backed out. but i didn't want to go in the first place, i've been trying to get out of this ever since i found out i was in it. and i really want to be at that i'm probably going to have my head chewed off on tuesday. but that's ok. the retreat will be worth it.