Wednesday, August 30, 2006


well hello world! now i will actually have something interesting to post about! because--yes, that's right, you heard it here first (ok not really but it sounds cool)--SCHOOL OFFICIALLY STARTED TODAY!! ok well only for high sisters in elementary today went for an hour for "registration" but then got to come home. and they were making fun of me because i had to go for a full day. but you know what? i would way rather go for a full day than only an hour. when you go for an hour you're left least here they just get the first day over and done with. it makes life so much easier. but then i guess you already know who will be in your classes and such, because you get your schedules in june...ahh but that's high school for ya.

so how was starting grade 10 in a brand new school? a school that is not only new for me, but for everyone else? a school that only opened it's doors today? well, it was:
hectic and chaotic.

all in all, just utterly new and strange. now don't get me wrong, i like the school. i really do. it's nice and everything, and i like the teachers. it's just so new. they aren't even done it yet. and it's so different from evan hardy. it's hard to learn a brand new layout.

but i think that all in all it will be good. even though some of my teachers gave me homework on the very first day. i've only been there one day, and so far i like all my teachers and classes. it's not too bad. and it can only get better, right? and tomorrow i will be making my locker a little bit more homey, so that i will feel comfortable using it, and not just like i'm using some random locker. magnets, pictures, it's all goin' in.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The "Perfect" Daughter???

Meaningful sometimes i just get so frustrated with my mother!! i know it's normal and whatnot...but sometimes i just feel like we are not all. there are times when we just go at it, and just argue. it's like we just can't agree on what i should or shouldn't be able to do. there are times when she just tries to plan my social life...and i don't need that! i can do that myself. it's scary, because we probably fight so much because we are so much alike. if we are alike. maybe we are just total opposites. but they say that you fight with the people you are most like...and maybe that's true. but she knows how to make me so mad, and i know exactly how to push her buttons...which usually ends with me getting grounded or something like that.
and yesterday, i was putting my bags into the vehicle after coming home from the retreat, and this thought popped into my head: nicole is her favorite, and i'm just gonna have to live with that. and really, it makes sense. she does favour nicole. but i think i've gotten over that. in a way. sure, it's not fair, and i hate the fact that she plays favorites. but i've come to accept it...not agree with it, but live with it. it's hard. i feel like i'm always saying sorry that i can't be who she wants me to be. because that's just not who i am. life is difficult! but not all bad i s'pose...i guess i just have to find a way to stay away from pushing her buttons, and try not to get myself in can't be that hard. here i go again, on the "perfect daugheter" kick...
but can i really be that girl?

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Meaningful well, last night erika and i stayed up till 3am. everybody else went to bed at 11pm...but we stayed up. and hung out on the computer, just talking and doing stuff. then we played settlers, with seafarers and cities and knights. we were supposed to get to 12 points to win...but we weren't counting, and when we counted, erika was at 17 points!! let's just say that i wasn't doing that great. then we played zoo tycoon, and then watched part of sinbad. but we were too tired to finish it, so we just went to bed. but i really need to stop making myself so tired. because when i'm tired, then my emotions are more up and down then normal...well ok maybe not so. sometimes. but i just find that when i'm tired i get more "depressed"...or live in the past. and the past hurts. and i'm not supposed to be living in the past. i'm supposed to be in the now. so i'm going to go be in the now, right now.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy in Provincial Capital/CRAZY SETTLERS GIRL

ok yeah it's a cheesy title but i had to think of something better than "here i am in regina...". so excuse the cheesiness of my blog.
i know it's only been a day since my last post, but what a day it has been! i have been so busy out here. they're really keeping us going. tons of's been great! we played cities and knights version...and exciting news!! erika bought seafarers of catan!! today was the first day any of us had ever played that version. and guess what--we loved it! ha no surprise there. we're going to try and put both expansions'll be a lot to think about, but super fun! i'm you can tell that i'm a nerd. i love settlers. ok well maybe it's not that nerdy...i do know some people who play. not's one of those games you either love or hate. or you just don't understand. how true! but once you get you're hooked! i could go on and on about settlers...but that might be a little crazy. maybe i should change the name of my blog from "pointless and random stuff" to "CRAZY SETTLERS GIRL!" haha.
ooh. guess what. tomorrow, i am doing something i have never ever done before. i am going to VALUE VILLAGE! isn't that just like THE coolest thing you have ever heard? haha. if i buy anything...i'm not going to tell my mother where i bought the stuff. because i don't know if my mother would "approve" know, her never taking me there before and everything. but oh well. i think it will be "an experience".

"So many people need you in so many ways, and no one can take your place. No one else can play your role. No one else knows your lines. You are uniquely created to fit in the special you-shaped space GOD formed in His world. Never wonder if you are needed. The fact that you're here proves it!"
--from Hugs for Women

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Queen's City

so here i am in regina. and it's pretty exciting. but maybe i should start with the bus ride.
ok. bus ride. uneventful. that's all i have to say.
so after the fairly boring bus ride, we got here. no duh. and basically watched canadian idol, had ice cream, and played some settlers; cities and knights version. and i am proud to say that i was the queen of catan for the night!
and then this morning, after a wonderful pancake breakfast, erika and i made mint brownies...which i will be taste testing in a little while! sorry, got a bit side tracked there. auntie dawna, derek, erika and i played settlers; cities and knights version. i could have won on my turn, which made me kinda mad! but erika ended up winning. she was queen of catan...
anyways, we also went swimming this afternoon, and played some water volleyball, which was fun until we got cold. so then we went to this free museum (been there before) but it's pretty neat...although it is the source of my childhood nightmares!! because you see, they have this one room with this t-rex, and you can press and button and it roars and moves and stuff. and now that i'm older, it's not so scary. but when i was younger, i was terrified!! it literally gave me nightmares.
then erika and i played settlers; cities and knights again. and i would just like to say that i was once again crowned the queen of catan! but that could all change tonight...with another game of settlers! man, i gotta find some friends near home that play settlers...i usually only play with my family. and it's such a great game! it is tied for my favorite other favorite is full contact dutch blitz!!
anyways, this week is looking very promising. even though i am only here until friday, it's going to be great. and then the youth retreat on the's a great way to end the summer. i am ready to go back to school...i miss my friends. and i'm excited to see what centennial will be like. but that can wait a week.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The End of Summer (almost)

Nature well summer is almost over...only a week and a half left. can you believe it? at the beginning of the summer, i thought i was going to be so bored all summer. i thought i would be sitting around doing nothing, going to my cabin and getting sick of the beach. the only thing i had to look forward to was camp. i couldn't even look forward to hanging with my friends, because i thought no one would be around.
but somehow i got really busy. i had friends out to my cabin the long weekend of july. then i was able to hang out with friends for about a week, somehow we were all in town at the same time. and then i was invited to go help cook at camp kadesh, which took up a week. and the next week i was a camper at the quest. my dad had two weeks of holidays, and we spent them at my cabin at diefenbaker lake, so that was another two weeks. by this time i had only been home for about 48 hours in a month! i got used to carrying all my clothes in a bag. everyone always wondered why i packed so many clothes in such a big bag, but it was because i never knew where i would be going next. you never know when you might be whisked away to somewhere!
so now i am back in saskatoon, trying to update my life. being gone for a month really puts you behind. especially with this blog...but i'm trying to keep up now. i'm only back for this week...well, now only a day and a half. tomorrow i leave for swift current, for a weekend full of farming, driving, cats, and good food! i'm excited, i have friends down there, and they have a birthday present for me. yay! then on monday evening, erika and i will be off to regina! to spend a whole week with uncle perry, auntie dawna, derek and shawn. i'm aunt loves starbucks, and i'm hoping to convince her to buy me a coffee!!
then on friday i will somehow get to the youth retreat...and spend the weekend on the beach! my last weekend at the lake...and i really haven't spent all that much time there this year. it will be good to go back. and then school starts...and kent and stephan come back! finally...i've missed them so much. everyone will finally be back...and maybe i will actually be allowed to talk to leon.

as relaxing as my summer has been, there was one little detail that kept me thinking. you see, my parents weren't too thrilled at the idea of me having a boyfriend. they wanted me to wait until i was 16. so after some very careful thought and prayer, i finally broke up with keith. not exactly that i wanted to...i didn't. but i did know that it was the right thing to do. i couldn't have had a person in such an important slot of my life, and know that my parents didn't approve. that just wasn't right. i needed to obey them. GOD has been teaching me stuff this summer, and i have just been so into it. reading my bible is just amazing...i find something new everytime i open the pages. thank goodness that i am highlighting and making notes along the way! well not so much notes...mostly highlighting. there is so much yellow in my bible. thank goodness the highlighter doesn't go through the pages!