Thursday, June 01, 2006


Meaningful SATURDAY

ok. so 6-ish hours of sleep isn't so bad...right??? ha i wasn't all that tired. so we got up, got dressed, washed are faces, all that junk. then we ran over to the sobeys that was also across the street and picked up breakfast and lunch. breakfast was a blueberry muffin and chocolate milk, and lunch was going to be another blueberry muffin, strawberries, pinapple, and strawberry-kiwi juice. when we got back to the church, we were like the first ones ready to eat. so we sat down in the main foyer thinger in a little circle to have breakfast. and as other people came in with their food, we invited them to be in our little "breakfast circle". and eventually, everyone was there eating with us!! we felt special because we started something. so yeah then i got up to pack all my stuf, and i tried to help steph up. and she came up, but i went down! yes, i fell front of everyone...and they all laughed at me.

they laugh at me a lot.

so yeah then we went to rexall place where we had some worship with tree 63, which was, once again, completely amazing. and then we had a big session with miles mcpherson, definately an amazing speaker!

and keebo kept yelling death. haha. death.

then we went on to do smaller sessions. here are the sessions and concerts i went to during the day:

1st session: Pressure Makes Us Act Wierdly--Bob was alright. kind of boring and off topic, but he's kinda an interesting person to listen to.
2nd session: Stellar Kart...that was a fun concert! the lights shone in my eyes! haha
3rd session: i just hung around outside with rachel and leanne and keith...and i went to the gas station with keith and got a chocolate bar haha and learned to play the slapping game
4th session: Taking the Place of Influence in Canada--Faytene Kryskow...this session actually really bored me. and it was cold. it was interesting though to listen to her voice, she had such a passion for what she was talking about.

after we sorta ditched during 4th session, because it was cold and boring, we hung around outside. and keith and i walked to a gas station so he could buy a coke. and he bought me a chocolate bar.

mmm...that was a good chocolate bar...

then rachel and leanne and keith and i played the slapping hands game...that hurt a lot!! my fingers are still red.

so then we all went back to the parking lot and had chicken and maccaroni salads for supper. and leon and keebo and kent and i were in lyn's car eating. and then grace and steph decided to "grace us with their presense". so then grace and steph tried to squish into the backseat with me and kent. so steph sat on grace. but gracie got sore and made me slide over. so i was like squishing kent! and then he decided to put cheesies in the mini waterbottles and make maraccaas.

haha. maraccaas. to you who understand darling cousin!! (shake a maraccaa, shake a marracca...)

then we went back inside and listened to thousand foot krutch!! and they were really fun!! they are so much fun to listen to. and then we had more worship with tree 63!! yay for worship! and then miles came to talk to us more. i really like him!! he's so cool!! i actually remember stuff that he talked about!!! and then we had a 15 minute break just to like go to the bathroom or whatever.

and now here is my favorite part of all of YC.

i go up to keith, and im like "why are you crying?" and he just looks at me, and im like "what?" and so he gets up and gives me this big hug and im thinking ok...a guy is crying on my experience...but ok. there there... and then he pulled back and im like "what?" and he's just like " saved!!!" and i just started crying!!! like, was so amazing!! i was so happy! because i had been praying for keith for so long, and to see results like, that just proves that god listens and answers prayers!! like wow!! go god!

god's cool!!

that was an amazing see a brand new believer. wow. what a rush.

after the break, it was the chris tomlin concert. what an amazing concert!! they had the words up and everything, and i knew every single song!! i was so happy because i could sing along and cry...which i did. of course.

i cry a lot. especially on the weekend.

anyways. then YC on saturday was over. we went back to the church, bought poptarts and chocolate milk for breakfast the next morning, and went to bed.


first we had an all girls meeting. we just talked about how the weekend was going so far, what our favorite parts were, and what was touching us. thn we had a short prayer and headed back downstairs.

we went downstairs and straightened kevin's hair, and curled leon's. then we played the camping game. and then we were so tired that we absolutely had to go to bed. steph, grace and i were scheduled to get up at 5:45am for early morning showers.

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