Saturday, October 22, 2005

October 22, 2005

Don't you just hate it when your parents are constantly on your case??? I know I do. And that's how my parents have been lately--constantly leaning over my shoulder, trying to control my life. Last year they couldn't have cared less when I hung out with guys--I mean, I was hanging out with 3 guys (and me) at 10 pm and they didn't care!! And then this year, 2 guys come over just to chat, and they get all suspicous!! Granted, those 2 guys were here every day for a week...but hey, I have a life!! And seriously, can't they just trust me a little? I mean, it's not like I'm gonna go have sex in the park or something!! Really...
And then they're all like "well you have to do this now", you know, the whole "make sure your room is clean, your homework is done and all your chores before you do anything" deal. I hate that!! Can't they just understand that I need to control my own life? I know what I need to do every day, and I'm going to get it done--on my own time!! Just give me a chance to prove myself!
So that is my little speech for the day--my little vent. I'm really liking that I can just vent here. I'm trying to "vent" or post as much as possible, but it's kinda hard with 2 sisters and parents watching my every move. I'll post as often as I can!! But for now, I must go.

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Made up Web 2.0 Word of the Week: Advercasting
So Steve Rubel is pointing to a Wikipedia page for a new word Advercasting asking people to build it out.
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