Thursday, September 21, 2006


Nature rain rain, go away, come again another day...

ok guys. it has been gloomy and raining all week.

now don't get me wrong...i love the rain. i really do. but after a whole week of this gray, gloomy, off-and-on can't really help but get sick of it.

but hey! there are things to look forward to...such as the week is almost over. the dance is tonight. youth is tomorrow. good things are around the corner!

anyways, i would just like to comment on the fact that i am getting a hold over my life. just relaxing and remembering to breathe is really helping me out. i just have to remind myself that i am not alone...GOD is always with me, and i have some amazing friends who have stood by my side, even when all i can do is complain about all the work.

"i can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" --Phillipians chapter 4

this has really been my verse this week...just remember that he is always there with me, to talk to and to listen and just's been good.

my comfort is my BIBLE...i love just sitting down and reading it, with highlighter and pen in hand! my goal over the next while (a long while, i'm thinking) is to go through and read books, one at a time...and to highlight the verses that i like. but i wanna go through and look at everything i have noted or highlighted, and write down in detail, what i think of the verse, how it has made me feel, etc. i'm really excited about that little project.

and the dance. i'm excited about that too.

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steph said...

heyy hunn... i like rain too but for a whole week!!! thats never funn.... anyhoo you need a update on the dance... yeah well i'll see you tonight<3 luver ya always!!

steph poo.. lol