Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Posting Isn't Talking

...which means i haven't broken my promise.
i'm sorry, i told myself i wasn't going to talk/complain/ANYTHING about this. but this doesn't count. seeing as it's the only post i've made about this so far this summer, and it's very short and really doesn't say anything about anything. you cannot complain that i don't shut up about this topic. i promised myself that certain things like that wouldn't happen.

yes i realize that the above makes absolutely no sense. but let me be. i'm going crazy.
scratch that.
i'm already crazy.

so to the point of this post...

i miss him.


steph said...

awww hunn... lol you never even talked bout him at mdt... that was a surprise, summer's almost over... good good, hang in there.

ps... you have never complained

katelynn said...

i know, i've never said anything. that was my promise to myself, i didn't want to annoy people and just chatter randomly about him. but it's starting to drive me nuts. i can't help it, everything makes me think of him...steph i miss him so bad!

steph said...

well then talk... are you texting him at all? awww hunn, that sucks, summer will be over soon and then you can talk to him every day!!!! is this worst than last summer?

gracie said...

AWWW...ita gunna be okay sweetie! u will be in his arms soon enough...luv yas

steph said...

go to ur happy place... just no grape soda and waterdalls... wow that was random... nite love yas