Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer Hatin'

i find summer really difficult. i find it extremely hard to not be able to talk to certain people every day. i am used to seeing people nearly every day and talking to some people literally every day. i find it really hard not to be able to do that in the summer.

let's face it. i'm an emotional person. i'm constantly on a roller coaster. i'm hyper, i'm sad, i'm happy, i'm angry, i'm bored...and everything in between. and i have people i call for every single stage of that. i let people lean on me all they want. and all i ask in return is that they be a phone call away when i just need someone to talk to.

and in the summer, those people aren't always around for me. or i'm not always around for them. i hate that. i hate not being there for other people for every single thing. i like to be there for every single detail. i hate to miss things.

i hate sitting at home alone, wanting to cry, and not knowing why. i hate sitting around in the summer and eating too much food.

i just hate the summer.


enji said...

don't hate summer. embrace the freedom it holds for you!

gracie said...

i would call u but im not sure u are awake.. ill call u today!!!

gracie said...

COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!