Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The End of Summer

it's gone by so fast.
and yet so slow.

i really can't believe that it's the end of summer. i guess, all in all, it did go by quickly. and i was away for most of it too! crazy.

school is in a week and a day. and while i will miss being able to do whatever i want, whenever i want...i am looking forward to school. i miss the people, and i miss the routine. i know school will be hectic this year, but i think i'm ready for it. not looking forward to the intense workload, but glad that i have a spare every other day to help with the homework aspect. and like i said, i can't wait to be seeing a good chunk of my friends everyday. and finally everyone will be home to stay for a while, and i will be able to call people and actually get a hold of them...ahhh.

but for now i will relish the last few (cold) days of sumer, and do whatever i want.

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