Saturday, December 01, 2007

Run from the Unmasked

there are times when i think
that wearing my mask is beneficial.
to myself, and to those around me.
because, really,
who wants to see all of me?
who wants to see every
in mood?
who wants to see
every thought
flash through my eyes?
but contrary to this,
i have heard that it is bad
to wear a mask.
that it is horribly hard on
to keep everything
bottled inside.
and i hear the people tell me
to let it out.
to take the cap off the bottle,
and to stop hiding what i really
think and feel.
but they are the ones
who do not want to hear.
who do now want to see the
strong one
fall apart.
and when she does,
she is left all
to be with these thoughts and feelings
that she finally let out
because people said they would be there.
and when she finally opens up
she discovers that she cannot trust,
because they all


enji said...

ahhhh! this poem scares me!! are you talking about someone i know? did i run from someone? AHHH! this is a very alarming poem.

gracie said...

hmmm.. i want to see a katie without a mask!!!! i love my katie the way God made her, bad stuff and all.. not that theres much bad lover you my dear!!!