Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

well i know it's a few days later but i've told this story quite a few times arleady so i figured i would just put it up here and then you can ooh and aah all you want without making me tell it over and over again!
so all keith had told me was that he had some plan and i was supposed to come to his house at 5pm and then i would find out what we were doing. so i showed up at his house, and find that he has made supper for us. he kicked his family out of his house and set up a little table with roses (one each of red, white, and pink) and some little candles. he made so much food...soup and porkchops and potatoes and corn and then cheesecake with cherries for dessert! he made my favorites...he had very sneakily been keeping track of some of my favorite foods and then put them all together. and while we were eating he had a cd playing, coincidentaly the same cd that he had given me when he first asked me out about eight months ago! he had actually had to get my sister to find the cd and reburn it for him because he didn't have it, obviously, because i did.
and then after supper he told me that we were going to decorate a cake for michael (it was his birthday, and i actually knew this part of the plan, he had told me before) and so he's like oh we need to go get some candy hearts to decorate it with, they're in my room. and so we walk into his room and i'm thinking well this is a little odd, why did i have to come, obviously something is up...and surprise surprise, on his bed is a big white teddy bear and a box of chocolate (dark, of course, it is my favorite)! so that was exciting. he also surprised me with tickets to see the movie definately, maybe which is a new release that had just come out on valentine's. so we decorated michael's heart-shapped, pink iced cake and then went to the movie which was really good and i enjoyed it. then we booked it to michael's house to say happy birthday and deliver the cake, and then i quickly went home because it was getting late and it was a school night.
you know in general i think valentine's is kinda overrated, and i don't think it should just be one special day out of the year, but the whole year should be like that. but i have to admit, i loved valentine's this year (i'd never really fully experienced it before, apparently). i know i got spoiled, but i can't lie--i loved every minute of it.


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enji said...

your so lucky i think i'm gonna cry. too sweet for words!

Rach said...

keith loves you so much katelynn. you're one lucky girl.