Sunday, April 02, 2006


Today at church it was all about worship, in many different ways and forms. and the service was really different, which was really neat. It showed me a lot of things, and, in fact, it was really moving. I had so much trouble keeping my tears in.
But that's beside the point.
They had an altar that they had made, that had flames (not real ones) coming out of it. It looked really neat. And they wanted you to write something down that you wanted to surrender to God, and to throw it into the altar. You were sacrificing a part of your life to Him.
And while I didn't get up and throw anything into the altar (I really would have broke down then) I did make a promise to God--a sacrifice, surrendering part of my life. And I chose to surrender to God my language--cuz God knows it isn't always the greatest! My language is something that I have really been wanting to clear up, and God has really been putting it on my heart these last few months to work on that. So today, I finally made the sacrifice of my language, which, in some ways, is also sacrificing my reputation (haha) and what people may think of me.
But I think that this will teach me something; of what I am yet to learn.
And I know that God has something planned for me. Something important...because with God, there are no small parts.

Some lyrics of a song that really struck me this week--
"In Christ, there are no goodbyes"
And that really got to me. Because a lot of my friends are not Christians...and it hurs to think that if we all died today, I wouldn't see most of them ever again.

Here's a quote I heard a while ago--
"I'd rather be standing at the gates of heaven, seeing my friends go into hell and hearing them ask 'why didn't I listen when you told me about Jesus' than 'why didn't you tell me'".
And that is the truth. Not that I'm wishing that my friends will go to hell or anything, I wouldn't wish that on anyone! But I'm not as open about my faith as I should be, and I know that.
So, in a way, since I'm saying that I want to be more open about my faith...I am, once again, sacrificing my reputation.
This is all good and well to say, but can I do it...
Well, I guess this blog will just have to keep me accountable!

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.into.the.rush. said...

wow, katie!!! i'm so proud of you!!! i know your language is a huge deal for you, so way to go!! kudos to you!