Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dating in Our Hearts?

ok well here is a question that mike asked keith, and robyn asked me:

even though you guys aren't technically dating, are you dating in your hearts?

keith and i both said yes...and we've kind of talked about it. i want to go deeper with him in this conversation, just to talk about it with him more. but we have talked about it a bit...and i've been thinking about it. because it's kinda making me curious.

we both answered yes to the question, by the way. and when you think about it, it does make sense. because we aren't technically dating...but in a way we act like it. we're together a lot...which is mostly just because we are very close friends, and have a good time together. we like to spend time together--nothing wrong with that, right? we also have a lot of mutual friends, so er go, we spend time together. and of course we like each other, which just says let's spend more time together.

i think part of it is that we broke up because my parents wanted us to. yes it was my choice, and i have my reasons (which i'm not going to dive into here). but the basis of it was because of my parents not approving. but, as he says, it's a "continuation" in a way...because in a way we're still together...not technically dating. but in a way aren't we, kind of? obviously without the physical aspect of most dating relationships, but that's ok, because in the last few months, we have gotten to be really close friends.

in a way i think part of the reason why we sorta act like a couple is because that's the role we are put into by people. there's no mistake in saying that everybody knows that we like each other...everybody knows. it's no secret. and i think that sometimes people just kind of put us into the couple mold, even though we're not dating. generally assuming that if you invite one of us, you invite the other. they talk to us together. they see us together. a lot of people call him my boyfriend.

and i'm not judging people for that or anything, don't get me wrong. i don't even know if i think it's a bad thing or a good thing or a neutral thing. it's just something that i've noticed. people treat us like a couple. that's how it is.

but i'm still wondering if it's a i think i'm overthinking much confusion going on in my head right now.

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