Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stupid Maui Time

well well well...here i sit...at whatever time it is...feeling wide awake...because my body i on stupid maui time, which is four hours behind saskatoon time. i didn't think i was going to be this hard to get back into saskatoon time. but it is!! and it sucks. i hate it. because the rest of the world is sleeping, and i am wide wide awake, with nothing to do, because i lost my glasses in the ocean, and took ou tmy contacts. so i apologize for any spelling mistakes there might be in this post because i really can't see what i am typing. thank goodness for touch typing i guess. but poor you people who are reading this. i'm kinda frustrated because i typed out a post about my maui trip, and now i can't find it! i e-mailed it o my blog, and it has not shown up...grr. not that there was anything super super exciting about my trip or anything, but there was information in it, and i really don't feel like typing it up agan! so right now here goes nothing. it's just going to be a long rant and rave of me talking when i am extremely bored. and can't see. speaking of being blind, i would just like to say that i totally don't take sight for granted anymore. even though i have been visually impaired or a long time i always took it for granted that i had glasses, and then contacts as well. but now that i don't have glasses, and am very visually impaired when i take out my contacts...i get a whole new appreciation for the fact that i can see when i have glasses or contacts. definately am thanking god for the people who invented glasses and contacts. and for the fed ex people who delivered me my contacts in maui. because if i would have lost my glasses and not had contacts...well that would have sucked because i would have had to somehow get contacts or glasses. and that's just a pain when you're on a holiday. woulda had to pay for a lot more. as it was, having my contacts shipped to me cost me about forty five dollars. out of my own pocket, my parents made me pay for that. but it's a good thing i got them, i sure needed them! it would have been a pain to be without them, espeically for snorkeling and stuff liket that. so anyways.. what else can katelynn talk about. how about...hmmm. i don't really know i really don't. that's go to be a first...katelynn not knowing what to talk about. i'm stumped. completely and utterly stumped. i don't know what i want to say. except that i'm not tired yet, so i better keep typing! wow i'm typing kind of loud, ihope nobody in my house wakes up and gets mad at me for being n the computer...but hey! i tried to fall asleep for two stinkin hours!! and then i just gave up. whatever. too bad, i'll be tired tomorrow. i was tired of tossing and turning...and imagining myself in my dress. heeh that picture is in my mind!! i'm sorry but i just love that dress so much. probably too much.this can't be healthy. wow i feel like i am making a lot of spelling mistakes...sorry sorry sorry! but i am too lazy to squint at the screen and correct them all.it's too difficult. soo...i can see an orange highlighter. that's cool. and i see orange out the window, from the street lights. i wish someone would randomly wake up and start e-mailing me...but good luck to that. and id on't really wish on anyone that they wake up and can't sleep. because that's mean, and it sucks to not be able to sleep. i should know. it's happening right now!!!! sooo...i hae all m classes picked for next year. let's see if i can figure out all the ones i'm taking. tehre's englihs and biology and chemistry and physics and band and sped and history and psychoclogy and math a and b thirty annnd....how many is that? i don't know, i can't see!! well i think that's all of them. oh wiat, accounting online again. so yeah. i don't think i have any spares, i believe i'm taking eleven classes again next year. and in a way i kind of want to take a spare...but might as well get a bunch of classes out of the way. and just get them done. and get as many classes as i can. but the funny thing is is that after my grade eleven year, if i pass all my classes, which i'm sure i will, then i will twenty two credits. yeah. that's right. i will only need two more to graduate. funny, eh??? ahh well. then in grade twelve maybe i can just take a whole bunch of fun classes and make my year really slack. that would be kind of neat i guess. oh and next year my sister will be at muy school, becaus eshe is graduating from grade eight this year. i twill be kind of wierd to have my younger sister at my school again, especiallky now that it's high school. and yes, that does make a difference. idunno, everything will be different. but i think it will be alrite, we actually get along really well now. ok i'm really bored, but it's time for me to do something else. i've moved on now. and plus i can't think of anything else to say. so goodnight! we hope.

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