Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spiritual Gifts

well i just did that survey thinger that we have to do for the mexico missions team...and well i gotta say that some of it was kinda confusing. some of it i didn't really understand. so i just did the best i could. but the answers are actually kind of confusing me...because well i don't know...i just find it hard to like think about myself and what i am and what kind of an impact i am making. here are my top 5 scores:

faith (17)
hospitality & intercession (14)
giving & mercy (13)
service & shepherd (12)
administration (11)

and i tried reading the things that explain each of thse...but those aren't really making sense to me either. so i guess i'll just wait until tomorrow at the meeting, when hopefully they will explain some of this to me. and tell me if it's a true interpretaion of me, or if i somehow screwed it over completely.


on another note, i'm pumped because i'm spending the weekend at steph's!! sure, i'll be stuck out in the boonies...but it's better than stuck in moose jaw!! haha.

oh and here's my funny saying for the day:
"if your mom still drives you to school, then you are not a gangster...pull up your pants!!"
haha our src said taht on the intercom tuesday morning for announcements.

oh and i filled out my matchmaker thing at school today...oooh can't wait to see who's number one on my list! joking!! haha but whatever it's kinda neat sometimes i guess.

well i better get back to missions stuff...gotta write my letters. yes i am a procrastinator. haven't you noticed?

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