Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sorry...Will I Forever Be Saying This Word?

This post...well, first off, I want to use it to say that I'm sorry. I really am. And this going out to whom it may know who you are. Know that I'm sorry...I really mean it.
I'm sorry, I love you. *hug*
Hope it makes it all better.

And now for the second part...

It kinda goes along with the title--"will I forever be saying that I'm sorry?"
Because I really wonder. Will I never find that perfect place where I never hurt anyone again? Or am I destined to hurt people forever more? Is everyone always going to be hurting someone?
Is there anything that doesn't hurt someone?

1 comment:

ricky4579 said...

ah yes, "that beautiful place, lost somewhere in the sky..." i've searched for it many times...