Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just Food

i hate myself sometimes.

first, i'm doing so good with food issues, that i'm eating healthy foods and generally healthy portions.

then, i go home and pig out on anything and everything.

so much for being a healthy size/weight by eating right.

and then i get so mad at myself that i don't eat for a while!! but then food looks so good, that i binge again!

it's like i can't control the way i eat!

it's either way too much, or not enough.

doesn't help that i don't like to eat in front of people. i'm still way too cautious about what people might think about me.

i don't want people to judge me.

even though it's just food.


Bobby and Joessyy said...

haha alrite katie mc kate kate.. i am exactly the same way!! like its soo bad.. my after schoool snack was m&m's cheezies nn apple chrisp.. ahha perrtty rank.. liek at home i eat so much.. like after school. and when im at school i dont eat tooo much.. and then i have a smaller supper cuz im always so full.. butt its kinda working out cuz i eat when im hungry :)

grace said...

heyy buddyy... hmm i see wat ur saying umm yeah, i dunno... i eat when im hungry and then like only eat till im just satisfied. Thats wat my mommys been teaching me. Ask God to help you decide when to eat and not eat. Don't worry i m not judging you, i know ur not anorexic or anything dumb like that, ive seen you i dunno it doesn't matter wat other people thing about you, ur are very pretty and ilike the way u look just fine!

erin said...

lol, what gracie said was pretty much what i was gonna say.
ps, we'd still love you if you were fat! *wink*