Monday, October 22, 2007

I can't figure out accounting, so I'm blogging...

i feel so bad for not updating this blog very often. i have no idea how often people are reading this blog, but for anyone who checks it regularly, it must be pretty boring not to see anything new!

so what can i tell you that is new in my life...

well, this weekend i went to moose jaw for a volleyball tournament. we didn't do amazing, but we did play well and it was good for our team to play that much within a short time period. playoffs start next week, and the trounament was a good thing to prepare us for that.
volleyball has been pretty intense, especially this week. playoffs are next week, and we play two difficult teams this week--marion graham and bjm. uh-oh! cross your fingers for those.
oh and friday night? in moose jaw? four and a half hours of sleep. (the girls in my room wouldn't shut up.) and then i went and played volleyball all day saturday. then i went to bed at nine, and got up sunday morning at 6:45am! i had to be at the church by 7:30 sunday morning because our youth worship team played for the sunday morning worship service. and we actually did pretty good! there were no huge mistakes, and a lot of people came up to us afterwards and had a lot of good things to say.

...i'm really craving cupcakes right now. so tomorrow i am going to make some.

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Perry & Dawna said...

Sorry I don't live closer, Katelynn. I'd make some "moldy" (aka confetti) cupcakes for you!! It was great watching you play volleyball on the weekend. Good luck with playoffs!

Auntie Dawna