Tuesday, October 30, 2007


as i sit here and wait for time to go by...i will blog. because erin wants me to.

ok well what can i say? i'm obsessed with facebook? nothing new.
my pants are dirty? well yes in fact, they are. they have four little yellow spots on them, and i don't have a clue what they are from.
i have awesome pink lemonade lipgloss? you bet!
i'm a nut? for sure.

alrighty. well what can i really say? how about...i'm bored with school? yes, me, the girl who would always say "i love school!"? yep, one and the same. school for me this year is just dragging by, and not holding up to it's usual excitement. i'm not sure if i changed or if just my attitudes changed, but suddenly i find myself bored and just wanting to go home. even though most of my friends are at school with me and even in my classes, i just do not want to be there. but i really need to find a way to get back into it, to enjoy school again. it makes the day, week, month, year, easier. so i guess that's what i'm struggling with right now.

okay this has wasted about two minutes of my time?

well tomorrow is halloween and at school the band is play "the headless horseman" and it is such a creepy song! nt going to lie. we're playing it for the pep rally. oh yay for shortened classes tomorrow morning! even though it means we have a pep rally. maybe this one will actually be good!

and i'm waiting some more, for time to go by...so i can go carve a pumpkin! yes, that is what i am waiting for. because tonight i am carving a pumpkin with keith. oh yes, it will be interesting. hopefully it actually turns out semi-good! ok, better than semi-good. good good.

is this enough for you erin?