Sunday, January 01, 2006

Where Is Home?

Home. A word that people use every day. But where is home?

Is home a place where you sleep at night, where you eat and quarrel and cry with your family?

Is home a place where you go just to have a roof over your head?

Is home a place where you say your prayers and lay your head at night, hoping that it will all be better in the morning?

Is home a place where you thank God for all the good things that he has given you?

Is home a place where you question and mull over everything in the world and life?

Is home simply a frame of mind, a place where you have a sense of security. Where you are free to think what you want, to believe what you want, and to feel what you want?

Is home all of the above and more?

Is home different for every person?

If home is a state of mind, can there be more than one person in the same house?

Can we let people in?

How much does it take for us to trust someone enough to let them into our home?

...Where is home...

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