Thursday, January 12, 2006


Why does life always seem so confusing? It always seems that, as soon as I have one problem under my belt, along comes another one.

I mean, lately I have just felt so annoyed--not really with my friends, 'cause they are they greatest. But I feel annoyed, with my parents, with my siblings. And they aren't really doing anything wrong--they just bug me!!

Is this normal? Is it normal for me to feel so annoyed? Or am I just blaming everything on them and giving them a hard time?

It just seems that everything they do just hits a button. And it's stuff that I never thought would have annoyed me before. Everything just seems to be bugging me these days.

A good friend of mine lately told me that I haven't been laughing as much lately, and that he was worried about me.

It's kinda strange, 'cause I always used to be the one to be giggling up a storm, I always found something funny, and I always brought the dark situations light again.

Or so my friend tells me.

But it's a friend that I trust, and I believe what he's saying. Because I know that a lot of it is true. I haven't laughed a lot lately. And I don't know why. I think I just need to let go and relax a bit. Yeah. Maybe that's my problem. I'm just too uptight.

Wow this post helped me help myself a bit.

And I'm just gonna leave it at that before I get even more confused.

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