Monday, August 28, 2006

The "Perfect" Daughter???

Meaningful sometimes i just get so frustrated with my mother!! i know it's normal and whatnot...but sometimes i just feel like we are not all. there are times when we just go at it, and just argue. it's like we just can't agree on what i should or shouldn't be able to do. there are times when she just tries to plan my social life...and i don't need that! i can do that myself. it's scary, because we probably fight so much because we are so much alike. if we are alike. maybe we are just total opposites. but they say that you fight with the people you are most like...and maybe that's true. but she knows how to make me so mad, and i know exactly how to push her buttons...which usually ends with me getting grounded or something like that.
and yesterday, i was putting my bags into the vehicle after coming home from the retreat, and this thought popped into my head: nicole is her favorite, and i'm just gonna have to live with that. and really, it makes sense. she does favour nicole. but i think i've gotten over that. in a way. sure, it's not fair, and i hate the fact that she plays favorites. but i've come to accept it...not agree with it, but live with it. it's hard. i feel like i'm always saying sorry that i can't be who she wants me to be. because that's just not who i am. life is difficult! but not all bad i s'pose...i guess i just have to find a way to stay away from pushing her buttons, and try not to get myself in can't be that hard. here i go again, on the "perfect daugheter" kick...
but can i really be that girl?

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grace said...

heyy katie..
well if ur not ur moms favorite ur my favorite!! lol love yas and can't wait for school tomorrow