Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy in Provincial Capital/CRAZY SETTLERS GIRL

ok yeah it's a cheesy title but i had to think of something better than "here i am in regina...". so excuse the cheesiness of my blog.
i know it's only been a day since my last post, but what a day it has been! i have been so busy out here. they're really keeping us going. tons of's been great! we played cities and knights version...and exciting news!! erika bought seafarers of catan!! today was the first day any of us had ever played that version. and guess what--we loved it! ha no surprise there. we're going to try and put both expansions'll be a lot to think about, but super fun! i'm you can tell that i'm a nerd. i love settlers. ok well maybe it's not that nerdy...i do know some people who play. not's one of those games you either love or hate. or you just don't understand. how true! but once you get you're hooked! i could go on and on about settlers...but that might be a little crazy. maybe i should change the name of my blog from "pointless and random stuff" to "CRAZY SETTLERS GIRL!" haha.
ooh. guess what. tomorrow, i am doing something i have never ever done before. i am going to VALUE VILLAGE! isn't that just like THE coolest thing you have ever heard? haha. if i buy anything...i'm not going to tell my mother where i bought the stuff. because i don't know if my mother would "approve" know, her never taking me there before and everything. but oh well. i think it will be "an experience".

"So many people need you in so many ways, and no one can take your place. No one else can play your role. No one else knows your lines. You are uniquely created to fit in the special you-shaped space GOD formed in His world. Never wonder if you are needed. The fact that you're here proves it!"
--from Hugs for Women

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grace said...

heyy crazy settlers girl..lmao.. man u even woke up at 7 toplay settlers.. well i guess jeff kinda woke u