Wednesday, August 30, 2006


well hello world! now i will actually have something interesting to post about! because--yes, that's right, you heard it here first (ok not really but it sounds cool)--SCHOOL OFFICIALLY STARTED TODAY!! ok well only for high sisters in elementary today went for an hour for "registration" but then got to come home. and they were making fun of me because i had to go for a full day. but you know what? i would way rather go for a full day than only an hour. when you go for an hour you're left least here they just get the first day over and done with. it makes life so much easier. but then i guess you already know who will be in your classes and such, because you get your schedules in june...ahh but that's high school for ya.

so how was starting grade 10 in a brand new school? a school that is not only new for me, but for everyone else? a school that only opened it's doors today? well, it was:
hectic and chaotic.

all in all, just utterly new and strange. now don't get me wrong, i like the school. i really do. it's nice and everything, and i like the teachers. it's just so new. they aren't even done it yet. and it's so different from evan hardy. it's hard to learn a brand new layout.

but i think that all in all it will be good. even though some of my teachers gave me homework on the very first day. i've only been there one day, and so far i like all my teachers and classes. it's not too bad. and it can only get better, right? and tomorrow i will be making my locker a little bit more homey, so that i will feel comfortable using it, and not just like i'm using some random locker. magnets, pictures, it's all goin' in.


steph said...

KATIE~!!!!! havin fun at skool? i only have one class wif you... boohoo... ummm yeah since iv been wif you all day, i have nutin to say... luv yas<3

.into.the.rush. said...

heyy!!! glad to hear its going good for you...i guess things are going a little bit better for me at school now's just getting used to it i guess! <3ERIKA