Thursday, August 17, 2006

The End of Summer (almost)

Nature well summer is almost over...only a week and a half left. can you believe it? at the beginning of the summer, i thought i was going to be so bored all summer. i thought i would be sitting around doing nothing, going to my cabin and getting sick of the beach. the only thing i had to look forward to was camp. i couldn't even look forward to hanging with my friends, because i thought no one would be around.
but somehow i got really busy. i had friends out to my cabin the long weekend of july. then i was able to hang out with friends for about a week, somehow we were all in town at the same time. and then i was invited to go help cook at camp kadesh, which took up a week. and the next week i was a camper at the quest. my dad had two weeks of holidays, and we spent them at my cabin at diefenbaker lake, so that was another two weeks. by this time i had only been home for about 48 hours in a month! i got used to carrying all my clothes in a bag. everyone always wondered why i packed so many clothes in such a big bag, but it was because i never knew where i would be going next. you never know when you might be whisked away to somewhere!
so now i am back in saskatoon, trying to update my life. being gone for a month really puts you behind. especially with this blog...but i'm trying to keep up now. i'm only back for this week...well, now only a day and a half. tomorrow i leave for swift current, for a weekend full of farming, driving, cats, and good food! i'm excited, i have friends down there, and they have a birthday present for me. yay! then on monday evening, erika and i will be off to regina! to spend a whole week with uncle perry, auntie dawna, derek and shawn. i'm aunt loves starbucks, and i'm hoping to convince her to buy me a coffee!!
then on friday i will somehow get to the youth retreat...and spend the weekend on the beach! my last weekend at the lake...and i really haven't spent all that much time there this year. it will be good to go back. and then school starts...and kent and stephan come back! finally...i've missed them so much. everyone will finally be back...and maybe i will actually be allowed to talk to leon.

as relaxing as my summer has been, there was one little detail that kept me thinking. you see, my parents weren't too thrilled at the idea of me having a boyfriend. they wanted me to wait until i was 16. so after some very careful thought and prayer, i finally broke up with keith. not exactly that i wanted to...i didn't. but i did know that it was the right thing to do. i couldn't have had a person in such an important slot of my life, and know that my parents didn't approve. that just wasn't right. i needed to obey them. GOD has been teaching me stuff this summer, and i have just been so into it. reading my bible is just amazing...i find something new everytime i open the pages. thank goodness that i am highlighting and making notes along the way! well not so much notes...mostly highlighting. there is so much yellow in my bible. thank goodness the highlighter doesn't go through the pages!

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grace said...

heyy katie.. srry i broke the watch and im also sorry i didn't let u talk to leon...u can as soon as u see luv yu!!!