Friday, January 05, 2007


i just sent 10 strange and random and crazy questions to a few friends via e-mail...wierd questions like what they like about me and so forth. i don't really know was just really bothering me as i laid in bed. and i just couldn't sleep, and couldn't get this off my mind...maybe myself telling me that i care about what other people think too much? i don't know. what i do know is that it's late and my eyes hurt, a sure sign that i'm supposed to be upstairs in bed because my body is tired. but my mind won't settle down...i couldn't put myself into a little hole and zone out. i couldn't. it's bothering me. and i have a song stuck in my head...and i don't even know what it's called...don't even know any of the words except for like three of them...anyways about that random e-mail. i actually hope people read it and send it will be interesting to see what the people say. i'm curious. i want that back now. but i know it will take a few days.

i'm reading the book "saint" by ted is very interesting. i'm over 100 pages in, and the plot just keeps thickening and thickening...there's always one more surprise left. i'm not done, and already i reccommend it...just like i reccommend all his other books. but if you are going to read this one...make sure you read "showdown" first. they are connected a lot...even though "showdown" was hard to get into (for me personally) you need to read it to understand "saint"...and i say that and i'm not even done "saint". anyways. read ted dekker. he's good.

p.s.--song is called "three days later" by fm static...keith's favorite song, got it stuck in my head while i was in his car. at least i know the song now...wish i had it on cd so i could listen to it and then get it out of my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lynette said...

any replies yet?

i would have replied if i had gotten an email...

katelynn said...

haha ok lyn i will take that as a hint to send you one...yes i've gotten two replies.