Wednesday, January 03, 2007


have you ever heard people talk about that high that you can get from phsyical activity?? you know, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, adrenaline rushing, you're up to bat, and you hit a home use a baseball analogy. but really i mean there is something amazing about physical activity...aka sports. i love them! and i am just realizing how much of a high--or adrenaline rush or whatever you want to call it--you can actually get. it's amazing! and i missed it. when i was playing basketball everyday last year year (that sounds wierd--aka 2006 for those of you who didn't catch on) i didn't really realize it...well i realized that i was happy and tired and life was going great and everything. but you don't really realize how much of that you really crave...until you stop for a while, and then get back into it. and going back to playing basketball this week has been pretty darn awesome, if i do say so myself. sure, i've been tired because i was out of shape and tired from staying up late and then had to run and chase a ball, but there's such a rush! i love being out there...i really do. and it helps that i've got a great team. seriously, the girls on my team are pretty amazing! we just have a grand time joking and fooling around and teasing each other. i love sports....for all the pain and misery they can put you in, they sure pay off! i'm even somewhat sad to be missing practice tomorrow to go play settlers of catan...wait! did i just say that? that i would rather play basketball than settlers of catan? well, i'm not sure if i would...i do know that i will miss not being at practice tomorrow. but i am really looking forward to a good game of settlers of catan, and maybe watching a movie...and catching a nap if i end up staying up real late tonight. which is very possible. and then friday and saturday for my volleyball will be good to get back at volleyball. i'm thinking about playing senior next would be hard, but very fun. i love my coach, and we have a pretty good team. we had a good time this past year.

i love holidays. and i'm loving them so much more, now that i am finally in a good mood and am happy with myself and life!

although....i am kind of looking forward to getting back to school!


.into.the.rush. said...

be careful what you wish today was the worst ever. we had a pop quiz in math on the first day back! it was retarded and our teacher was in such a bad mood! i think we all needed a longer holiday :)! i envy you...

grace said...

heyy katie, well i don't really know how to comment on this one. but i wanted to say hi! and well, holidays are nice, and i reallllly want to see you and the girls. hope u have fun at v ball camp!