Monday, January 08, 2007

Volleyball Tryouts #1

so sunday afternoon was the first of two volleyball tryouts for me...yes i decided to try out for club volleyball. there are about 57 girls trying out, and i'm not exactly sure how many people will make it, it depends on how many coaches they can get. the tryout went ok...i know that how i did wasn't my best...i felt very off. and maybe it's because i was mega uncomfortable...i didn't know anyone there (well i guess i knew two girls names but it's not like we're friends or i'm even very comfortable talking with them) and everyone seemed so much better than me...i think it's more a mind over matter thing. so i'm going back next week with a fresh mind and hopefully a better week than this.

on a basketball note...we play against holy cross tomorrow...and no that's not an invitation to come watch...because holy cross is in the top three teams in the city...they might be number one, i'm not exactly sure on the rankings. i just know they are amazing!!! and we will most likely get our butts royally handed to us...or it could be amazing and we could actually pull off a semi-good game. well i'll just try to do my best and that's all i can really hope for. as long as i'm putting in 100+% then hopefully it will pay off and the rest of my team will follow. woot woot go team!

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.into.the.rush. said...

good luck...FRED! lol. love, george;;hearts.