Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Being Looked Up To

Dance still dancing on cloud nine! (oh and the picture is of dancing appropriate! haha)

yesterday a someone to someone, today a hero that is looked up to...GOD has blessed me these last two days by showing me that i am special, and that i am important to people in this world! you heard all about my being someone to someone yesterday, today you get to hear about being looked up to! and i have to say...another awesome feeling that i have the privilege of feeling! so here's my story:

i was at AWANA tonight (a kid's club at my church) and the kids are absolutely adorable. they look up at you with these big adoring eyes, and they almost always have grins on their faces...but ok that's a bit of a sidenote.
anyways, i was at AWANA, well actually, it had just finished. and one of the girls, Ellen, she wanted me to come out with her and help her find her mommy (i babysit for her, so she knows me well). and i went out there with her to find her mom, and her brother and sister were also there. and her younger sister Bethany, who is 4, ran up to me and was like "katelynn"!!! and like grabbed my legs and gave me a big how could i resist, i picked her up and gave her a big hug back! so then Ellen gets jealous that i'm holding Bethany, and she's like "katelynn hold me now"!!! so i had to put Bethany down and pick up Ellen...but i don't mind. i love hanging out with these two darlings...they are so sweet. and their brother Gabriel is such a nice guy...a sweet kid. They all are.
but anyways. the part that made me feel so special...while i was holding Ellen, she whispers in my ear, "i love you katelynn"! and gives me a people tell me they love me all the time, like my friends and stuff...but there's something special about those little words coming from an innocent child.
and when i had to leave, they were all sad, and waving and were like bye, we'll miss you! and then their mom told them that i was coming over tomorrow night to babysit, and that i was bringing my violin to play for them! and you should've seen their faces light up...ahhh i love little kids! the little darlings...can't wait for tomorrow night so i can go hang out with them!

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