Saturday, April 07, 2007

At My Grandparents House

currently i am at my grandparents house...on their strange is that!?
we came for easter dinner. it was yummy! there was salad and veggies and turkey and dressing and potatoes and gravy and buns and this swiss bean casserole stuff and meatballs (random yes, but they were yummy!) and strawberries and carrots and turnips (yuck!) and then for dessert there were raisin tarts and saskatoon berry tarts, with whipped cream...the saskatoon berry ones were awesome. so i gotta say that i am officially stuffed...and i even ate small portions of everything! literally. i had a tiny scoop of almost everything. and now i'm extremely full. and tomorrow i get to do it all over kinda yes because i know it will be so yummy...but i get so full. but my strategy of just having a little bit of everythings seems to be working. this way i eat food, and i get to taste everything which is satisfying...the whole next part would be and i'm not bursting full...which i'm not...but i'm still very very full. not always fun. it makes me feel sort of sick sometimes. yeah sometimes food makes me feel sick which really is dumb because then i don't want to eat because it makes me feel sick but then i need to eat so that people see me eating and they don't think i'm anorexic...but yeah. why do i need to eat for other people?? i shouldn't have to. but often i feel like i do.
i really should go be social, but my cousins are all watching tv, which i can't do, and the adults aren't talking about anything interesting downstairs...and plus they have the tv on so i have to turn my back which is a bit awkward i guess. and boring. i would rather sit here and blog. even though my parents would probably be mad if they knew i was on my grandparents computer...but hey what else am i going to do!?
today keith came over and we made erin a bunny cake...ok well keith did most of it haha but i helped! i did...but he did do most of it. it was his idea, and i didn't wanna do some of it; i was scared i would mess it up. i was there for moral support haha. and then we gave her the cake and she was so happy it was awesome.
the only bad part of my day really has been the fact that while keith was over my sister was being extremely annoying in the fact that she was teasing keith and i. as in "katelynn and keith...oooh la la...hit her butt keith...can you feel the love tonight" etc. and watching spying. it was very uncalled for. it's not like they've never met keith before! maybe it's because my cousins were over and they were fascinated by the fact that i had a boy over. and my parents weren't home. and then they decided to make us iced tea...and give us one glass with two make it romantic. pfft like we haven't shared a drink before honestly. it got pretty annoying after a while though. sometimes i can take the teasing...and at first it didn't really bother me, i'm kinda used to it. and i figured that if i didn't show a reaction, then they would stop. but one of my sisters didn't...and i got really one point i was like stop now or i will dump the iced tea on your head. that shut her up for a couple minutes, but then she was back at it i cornered her on the couch and talked very quietly and (hopefully) intimidatingly. i didn't want to scare her too badly, but enough was enough. and i wanted it to stop NOW. i can only take so much of the teasing! especially when some of it is just plain uncalled for. so my mom gets to hear about it tonight, which i told my sister was going to happen. not to scare her much, but i can't enforce much change in her behaviour, but my mother can. and the things that happend today were really uncalled for. no need for me to be even more embarrassed by my own family. that's two days in a row now, by the same sister. it just can't get any worse. although tonight my family started talking about what it would be like when i brought a boyfriend to the family gatherings...and i said it couldn't be worse than what my sister did. then my mom gave me a look and i said we'd talk later there's that.
so anyways i think i should go be social now...and maybe eat another chocolate egg.

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