Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy 4/20

well it's been a long day, and it's not over yet. although i am very excited for youth tonight, as i always am. it truly is the highlight of my week.
but that's not my topic today.
happy 4/20: does anyone out there know what it means? i didn't until today at school. a guy i know from science class came up to kayla and i this morning and started yelling "happy 4/20!" he had it on his shirt, and he had one of those blow-up hammers that he was hitting people with. so i asked around, and i found out that happy 4/20 (4th month, 20th day) is national weed day. or something like that. basically it's weed day. so all the people in my school today were yelling happy 4/20 and talking about how they were all gonna go get "baked" tonight...i'm assuming that means extremely high off weed!?
and i gotta say that i do not like alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc. i just don't agree with it. and i'm not gonna go into a long rant and rave about everything about it here, because i don't need to and i'm, well, honestly, too lazy to do so right now. but i can say that hearing this all day got pretty tiring. and it made me really sad, to hear about all the people who were going to go get high. or who were already high.
i know there are a lot of dangerous things that happen during your life including drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, etc. i hear about it everyday. but for some reason today it just got to me...and by the end of the day i was just so glad to be out of there so i didn't have to hear all the plans about people getting high.
and you know, some people go to extreme lengths to be liked by other people. take for example my friend mason. he was talking with some of these...people...that were going to get high. and he was talking like he had done it before and as if he was going to go out and do it tonight. and i was pretty shocked, i never knew that mason was like that. and honestly i didn't really expect it of him. so i was kinda confused, and i was pretty quiet during drama class. and during the middle of the class he came and sat with me and he's like "what's up katelynn?" and i said, really openly, that i was thinking about all the people that were going to go out and get high. and that i was trying to figure out if he was lying about all that or if was dead serious. and he told me that he was just making it up, he was just goofing around with it. but that he did kinda want to try it. and honestly it worried me. i don't like to see anyone doing that kind of thing, but it makes it so much harder when it's a friend. and a pretty good one at that.
thankfully after school he told me that yes he was just joking and he was not planning on doing that tonight. thank goodness. i just hope he doesn't.


gracie said...

4/20s dumb!

erin said...

ah, just like me (ish). well, i wouldn't do drugs, but the whole drinking party thing.

.into.the.rush. said...

i totally agree with grace! how sad is it that we have a holiday, a day dedicated to drugs? we should start an anti-drug day or something!

erin said...

grr, i'm living off this blogsite, you need to update it!!
sorry, for being sooooo...... i dont' know, but i'm gonna die if i dont' get something from y'all this week.