Thursday, May 18, 2006


THE BAND TRIP (in great detail) PART 1
ok. so monday morning i get up, shower, do all my stuff and finish last minute packing. then kayla and her dad came to pick me up and we drove to school where we were dropped off. then we had to load everything onto the bus including all luguage, instruments, stands, music, etc. kayla and i were in charge of the music folder box (a box where everyone puts their folders so they don't get lost) and that was a heavy box!! it was such a bad job! anyways once we had loaded all our junk and ourselves onto the bus, we were finally on our way!! yay! we drove over to college park school (about a 2 minute drive) and there we unloaded all our instruments and everything and set up for a performance in their gym. chris dumped spit from his tuba onto ohmin. that was definately a highlight. anways, we played a concert there. not much to say about that. so then we loaded up all our stuff again, and were back on the bus for a trip out to the saskatoon christian school, where, once again, we unlodaded and played a concert. not much to say about that one, either. just your regular concert. no big squeaks or anything. so yeah. we played that concert, then loaded up the bus again (you will notice that there is a lot of loading and unloading haha). we also ate our bagged lunches on the bus, and we drove to moose jaw! i don't really remember a lot about this trip, just that i didn't sit in my seat, i went and sat at the back of the bus with logan and richard and morgan. that was interesting...we also watched the beginning half of "the longest yard".
when we got to moose jaw, we split up into groups to go see the tunnels. my group's tour didn't start for about 45 minutes, so we had time to shop around moose jaw. we could go wherever we wanted as long as we were in groups of four or more and were back in time--total freedom! so caitlin, kayla, ashley, shelton and i went and walked around, bought ice caps/fudge for kayla and i, ice cream for the others, and a dog bone for kayla to bring back to her dog. ha. and then it was time for our tour...but we were all there earlier than we acutally had to be there, so we just all hung around and chatted with other people. and this guy on a bus driving by gave us the finger. we then went on our tunnel tour, "passage to fortune". it is all about chinese immigrants. i screamed twice on that tour! i think the guide thought i was a little messed up in the head.
so after everyone was done their tours, we got back on the bus and headed off to regina. they played the rest of "the longest yard". once again, i sat in the back of the bus with logan and richard, and this time kaitlyn reed joined us and the three of them played janitor. i don't know, it's some sort of card game. i just sat and watched. i sat in a seat beside richard for a while, then i moved to logan's lap, and then to the floor--where i got stuck and logan had to help me up. that was funny. it was here when sean realized that he had lost his eagle. now the eagle is a pendant that sean wears on his neck, and it has been passed through his family or something. it's really important to him, and he never goes anywhere without it. anyways, by this time we were in regina, at a place called "the classic buffet". while everyone else went inside, sean and i combed the bus for the eagle (i was on my hands and knees!), but we didn't find it. the classic buffet--ew it was so disgusting in there! i barely ate anything because everything was so greasy and i was so disgusted. yuck!
after we had all..eaten...we got back on the bus and drove to the days inn hotel where we were staying. there we unloaded all our luguage and were assigned rooms. i was staying with caitlin and kayla and ashley. after we were settled in our rooms, we went down to the pool. it was so fun! we just kinda hung around and got carried around and thrown around and pushed/pulled into the pool. it wasn't a very big pool, but we had lots of fun anyways.
after we were in the pool, we got dressed. then we kinda split up. ashley and kayla were kinda all over the place (mostly joey dissan's room for kayla) and caitlin and i were in sean's room. we just watched tv and joked around and got massages. sean has magic fingers! haha. then at 10:30 we all had to go back to our own rooms to sleep.
haha. sleep. yeah really who slept?
anyways, in my room we did each other's hair (all straight) and were just watching tv, eating, and talking on the phone. we finally went to sleep at 2:30am...after about an hour of thinking there was someone in the hotel (we were hearing strange noises) and talking to some guys, trying to convince them that we were scared out of our minds and needed male assistance. eventually though i calmed down and got the other girls calmed down. the guys were pretty annoyed of us by this time! so yes we went to sleep at 2:30am...with plans to meet some people in for breakfast at 6:00am. did that plan happen? check out BAND TRIP PART 2 to find out!


.into.the.rush. said...

aaah!!! don't keep me in suspense!!! lol

Bobby and Joessyy said...

heyy babe! wow that was an amazing refesser of the trip! :) lol i loved that trip hahaha.. butt its Joey Deason ;) lol *spelling error* thought i shud tell you cuz this is a once in a life time opportunity! :) haha ttyl babe i lover you to death and beyond!!

Kayla <3.

grace said...

heyy katie..sounds like uhad a fun time.. can't wait tohere wat happens next..luv you!