Tuesday, May 23, 2006


(once again, a very detailed version...)

ughh...why is there a radio playing?? where am I? 5:50am??? why is this alarm going off...?? oh yeah. breakfast. band trip. kayla...ashley...caitlin...time to get up. let's get dressed, call the guys, and go...before i fall asleep again.

so that was tuesday morning. and at 6am, we called the guys--hey, coming for breakfast? ok we'll meet you down there in like 2 minutes. yeah. we went down for breakfast. i had half a bagel. then finally, about 20 minutes later, breakfast was done. we trekked back up to our room, and sat down. kayla and ashley decided to go back to bed, but caitlin and i decided to stay up. we called random rooms to find out if anyone else was up, but they were all asleep. so we just kinda wandered the halls and looked for someone to talk to. finally, and about 6:40am, richard came out. he was dressed and ready to go down for breakfast, so caitlin and i went with him. that was our 2nd breakfast. i had another half of a bagel. so then we went back upstairs with richard. we went into his room where 2 guys were sleeping and logan was in the shower...we were trying to find some of the fudge that logan had promised me, okay?? nothing bad. we never saw anything. we didn't get any fudge, either. so then we went back to the room. i decided to sit in the hall because it was cooler out there. thn, suddenly, i saw logan and richard get into the elevator for breakfast! so i ran down the hall, jumped in through the doors of the elevator...and got stuck. and of course, them being guys, they didn't help me. i had to push the doors out of my way all by myself.

so much for gentlemen.

so we went down for breakfast number three. i had some juice and a couple bites of logan's bagle. and richard was having difficulty sreading the cream cheese on his bagel "because it was melting" so i had to do it for him.

haha. uncapable men.

so then back upstairs we go. and then who do we see? sean! ok, breakfast time for sean! back downstair for breakfast number four!! wow this has to be some sort of record or something...so yeah this time i just had juice. good old apple juice. yummy. ok so after a very long breakfast, i went back upstairs and hung out in sean's room with him and justin and shelton and caitlin and ashley...and it was kinda boring. we were all just sitting on the beds and stuff because we were all so exhausted. and then finally one of the chaperones came by and was like "time to pack up guys" so i went back to my room and packed all my stuff up...and got dressed finally. i had been walking around in pajamas. :) yeah so then caitlin and i were done packing and just lying around when sean came in with his bag and yeah he helped me pick out what to wear. ha. and then i got another massage...magic fingers!
so anyways we finally got our butts downstairs to--yes, you guessed it--load the bus. it was funny cuz everyone was super tired and we're all just toally dragging around. yeah so it was a half hour drive the school for the band clinic, and sean sat beside me and fell asleep!! and when we got the school i had to wake him up...no easy task! but it was done. then we had to unload all the equipment and everything...ugghhh.
the band clinic was good. i learned a lot, but who wants to hear about what i learned from that?? haha it wasn't all that important. the next important thing was lunch! yes! pizza and pop! what could be better?? we pretty much had the school to ourselves because the students were in class. kayla and i took a walk with our pizza and met some guys who said they woud give us the rest of their drink for a slice of pizza...we said no because they wouldn't pay us!!
so back on the bus we got...and by this time it was super hot out! as we walked back to the bus, i realized that i still had my diet coke with me, and that i couldn't bring it on the bus. so sean chugged it. that was funny. he made a mess when he spit some of it back up.


on the drive to the science center/imax, once again, sean fell asleep. in case you were wondering, he slept on my shoulder. this happened a lot on the trip.

and no, i don't have feelings for the guy. he has a girlfriend!! he's just a good friend.

ok, now that we have that cleared up, on with the show! where were we...
oh yes! the science center. not much to report there. caitlin, sean, and i just wandered around. nothing special. although we did decide that we were going to go on a hot air ballon ride one day. and i almost fell asleep on a bench. so then we went to the imax. we were seeing "mystic india"...and it was pretty good. at least, what i saw of it was. you see, we were in a dark theatre, in really comfy chairs, and we were all sup tired...so most of us slept. yes, sean slept on my shoulder. a lot of other people slept too. it was funny.

but shush, don't tell the band teachers, they don't know that we slept during it. haha.

ok. after the imax, we drove home. whoopee. basically, the gist of it is that sean and i slept on each other--

haha how bad does that sound--

so yeah that's basically the band trip.


ok yeah i know it wasn't that detailed...at least not this part. but the whole story is basically that i slept! ha!

THE END (the second time)

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