Saturday, May 06, 2006

Full-Time Participant

so last night at youth mike was talking about being a participant and being a spectator in the race of life. and you know, i really liked what he had to say. it was really interesting. even though coltan was like talking and whatnot haha. anyways umm yeah what he had to say was really interesting. and i guess it just really got me thinking about whether i am a participant or a spectator. and, i know that i would like to be a participant, and that is where i am working towards. but right now, i feel that i am kind of both. some days i am a total participant, and i pray a lot, and read my bible, and just totally give my whole day and everything to god. and then there are those days when im just like screw this!! and i just kinda freak out and have a bad day and just watch things from the sidelines. but, as i have learned from experience, being a participant is way more fun. and more rewarding, too. i like it better. so im trying my hardest to be a full time participant. and grace and steph and other people are gonna help keep me accountable. which i think is really good, cuz keeping people accountable really helps. especially when you have the same "problem" as them and you can work on it together. i like that feeling, it makes me feel less alone.
so i guess now i have a job--being a full-time participant in god's amazing race of life.

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.into.the.rush. said...

That's awesome! You got a job!! lol jk, keep it up hunn!