Thursday, November 23, 2006


with a capital E. i'm just so tired. partially because of don't get me wrong. i love playing, i love my team, i love my coach, i love practice. it's all good. hour and a half of basketball everyday can get pretty tiring. add on top everything else i do in my life...which isn't always that much but i like to think it is...well sometimes life gets pretty overwhelming. and i guess it doesn't help that i haven't been sleeping well. last time i posted about not being able to sleep, well, that was i just couldn't sleep. i was wide awake in the middle of the night. but now i'm tired and really want and need to sleep, but i can't. because of this stupid cough thinger that i have!! it won't let me sleep...well really i just cough a lot when i lay down. so i sit up to cough. then lay back down. then cough again. then sit back up. get the idea? it's this big cycle...and it doesn't stop until finally my body is so exhausted that it just falls asleep. but until that point...i lay down, close my eyes, cough and sit up, practically hack up a lung, and start again. and the worst thing is when there's this tickle in my throat like i need to cough, but i can't. it's the worst feeling in the world, because it feels like any minute you're going to start suffocating because you feel like you can't breathe properly. i'm pretty sure i am breathing properly though. anyways. that's my sob story for the week. i guess i'm just...not really feeling exactly sorry for myself...just feeling a bit alone again. well not really...well maybe. ok i don't even know what i feel. except that i feel like i need a hug. thank goodness youth is tomorrow night. i'm really looking forward to it...and the rest of the weekend. some fun and relaxation...and friends. which means lots of hugs!! yay for hugs...laughter and hugs. truly the best medicine.

hey guess's snowing outside! that makes me slightly happier...i love the snow. and it's really coming down. mmmm lots of snow...what could be better? except for the fact that it is cold out...and really icy...underneath the snow. interesting...i hope everyone stays safe. glad i'm not driving.

and now...i'm going to go take a nap before basketball practice.


steph said...

awwww... have a good sleep hunn<3

Lynette said...

i know exactly what you mean...a couple times this week i've coughed so hard in the mornings that i puke. Sigh.

if you sleep on your side, you'll cough less and be able to breathe easier.

grace said...


katelynn said...

hehe i feel special i feel great...that's a baseball cheer lol but it describes how i feel!!!!