Saturday, November 18, 2006

Youth Last Night

so youth last night was a lot of fun...i just had a really good time. i went early and hung out with the worship band until youth actually started...they were trying to learn harmonies, and robyn looks over at me and she's like "katelynn come sing melody with keith so it's stronger and becky can learn harmony with me" and i just stared at her. and i honestly think my mouth dropped to the floor. they all laughed at me...i guess i looked funny. so i had to sing a verse and chorus of indescribable...then i ran away haha. they didn't need me anymore so i was free!!! this is why i don't sing. i play. not sing.
anyways, then youth actually started, and we had worship which was great except i didn't have a mic but apparently they could hear my alright so it didn't matter. graham felt really bad about that but i didn't really care. less pressure without a mic. and i knew it would be fine. one funny thing though was that we started out with hallelujah (your love is amazing) and they changed the key!! at least, they played it in a different key than i thought we were going to play it i got really confused but it was ok. and i don't think i messed up in any of the other songs so it's all good. then we had bible study...which my group is pretty awesome, and becky and jared (her boyfriend) joined our group which was really cool. becky even added some input on stuff...jared didn't really talk. i think the only thing he said was "no". it was kinda wierd. but good. we had a really good chat and it made me think and stuff

...yes it was deep enough for me haha

anyways then we went back into the hospitality center (and erika disappeared but really she just went home early because she was kinda sick and tired and stuff) and we had cookies and brownies and juice and stuff...and ben and i went insane singing "don't you put it in your mouth" and stuff and i was kinda hyper...but it was alright no one got mad at me. and i got to wear keith's cowboy boots which are pretty sweeet...i felt tall hehe. they are fun to spin on the heels of them. except i almost fell then i gave them back.

then youth ended and carly, keith, erin, jeff, mylandra and i went to tim hortan's...and yeah it was alright. kind of boring once erin, jeff, and mylandra left...but ok. drive home was fun. and i'm still alive!! haha no keith is a good driver actually. he's also very protective of his car. i'm not allowed to drive it even when i do have my license. which won't be for a long time but anyways.

so yeah that was my night...i got into bed at about 1am and slept till 10 this morning, then got up and went to my sisters' basketball games. watched one and did the timer/score on the other, so that's another hour towrads my community service hours. man i'm almost done those, i only need like 3 more hours and then i'm done. easy easy easy.

so that's being caught up in katelynn's life! now i'm going to go shower...because my hair is absolutely disgusting.

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erin said...

i didn't know you were singing... poor katie, i know how you feel. i'd be kinda uneasy too. that was a pretty good night.