Friday, November 24, 2006

Silver and Gold

make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's gold

so yeah that's a little diddly that has been around for forever, and everyone knows it, and it's often sung as a round. there's your background information.

anyways...that little diddly just kinda struck me today. it's making me think about my friends. not that i'm like dissing them or ditching them or anything. i have awesome friends, and i'm smart enough to know that i shouldn't leave them...because i doubt that i will ever find better ones.

ok. back to the point. i'm just thinking about what that really means. if you take it as the gold ones are like your older friends, the ones you have for a long time, and then the silver ones are like your newer friends...then what does that mean? i suppose that means that you should keep both. that you can have more than just one close friends...and even though you've been close with the gold friend(s) for a long time, and then this silver one(s) comes along and you get along great...that doesn't mean ditch the gold ones. but it doesn't mean saying to the silver ones "oh yeah you can't be my friend because i've already got friends". i guess it's just all about finding a balance between friends...different friends, different groups of friends...even some friends that you get along with better than others.

i have this friend...and at one point in time, my mother told me that i should be careful of how much time i spent with her because my mother thought that when i came home from being with this friend i was "depressed and emotionally drained". when my mother told me this, i was kinda upset. because i love this friend, and i felt like my mother was dissing her and saying that she had issues that i didn't need to be "burdened" with. and now, while i still don't agree with what my mother said, i understand it. and i understand that sometimes after spending time with certain people, you are drained or tired or whatever. and you need a break. because some people are just like that. doesn't mean they're less important, or less of a friend. they just maybe need you more at that point, and you're giving them a lot of yourself that leaves you tired.

i don't know where i'm going with this.

i guess...i just wanted to say that i have a great group of friends, ones that i know love me and support me...and the really good ones are there for me through the thick and the thin, and they love me no matter what...don't always love what i do, but love me for who i am on the inside...obese or anorexic. they give me tough love when i need it, and tell me how to make my life better. and they cry with me when i'm sad, they laugh with me when i am happy, and the hug me when i just need a hug.

and i guess i just really want to thank them for that.

A friend is like a flower,a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend.
--no i didn't write this i found it on the internet


erin said...

i'm giving you a mental hug right now. i can't wait till i see you so i can actually hug you in person

katelynn said...

billy enji (yes i still call you that haha) are so amazing. i love you so much. thanks for everything you are in my life!!!

steph said...

wow.... ur a good writer person<3 im giving you a hug too.... well not actually but i will when i see you sunday! i luver yas<3<3<3

katelynn said... amaze me. thanks for the reassuring e-mail you sent me! can always count on you to be sympathetic...most of the time :P nah always when i need it

grace said...

hun, k wow u write a lot. you are a really good friend. i love you to death!

katelynn said...

hehe i know i love my blog! i write on here all the time...sometimes really in depth interesting stuff...sometimes not so much. i love you very much too!!