Monday, November 20, 2006

We're Playing Basketball

we're playing basketball...insert that song here. well i think there's a song like that...whatever. space jam music. that works. haha

anyways! to the main point--today i found out that i made the jr. girls basketball team!! yay me!

hey i'm entitled to a little bit of a party...i mean, it's not everybody that makes the team.

i'm really honestly. so excited to play...which is really good, because i haven't been stoked about basketball in a long time. so this is good. exercise is good. making the team is good. i'm so excited to friend kayla made it. and a bunch of other friends and stuff. the team is good. we work well together.

i'm so excited!!

sure, it starts making my life crazy busy. my life's about to get pretty hectic, and it already had a lot in it. now add in about 2 hours of basketball a day...that's a lot. but i can handle it pretty easily. i always have before. and i generally love being busy, having something to rush off to. but mainly something to look forward to.

and i'm definately looking forward to this.


.into.the.rush. said...

congrats!!! now we can watch each others games! lol!

steph said...

way to go hunn!!!!! ill be cheering you and kayla on from the sidelines, saftley away from all flying balls.... that are aiming to hit me in the face.... as always:P

katelynn said...

hey steph i think you'll be interested to know that today i got beat up in practice...lots of elbows in i even took a dive to the floor ;) it was fun

erin said...

YAY!! KATIE!! i wrote this on the other blog, but i'm excited for you all over again. YAY!!