Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sleepy Time She Comes

hey blogger's life goin for y'all??

wait a sec who am i talking to here?? "hey blogger world"??? like what's that all about??

but hey what the heck can you really blame me?? i'm so overtired right now...

i mean, i just had a really draining day yesterday. i won't go into all the details, but i was glad to get home and just relax, then leisurely get ready for bed and collapse under my nice warm covers. but noooo sleep just wouldn't come for katelynn. i honestly tossed and turned for 20 minutes...then finally started dozing. not full sleep, just a doze.

and then, 12:45am, what happens? i wake up with a jolt, WIDE AWAKE. i was like ok what is going on here!? just let me sleep!!! but sleep just wasn't an option for me at that point. so i walked around my dark house...turned off my sister's cd player. answered like 18 e-mails. then went back upstairs and read a book. then finally turned off my light and tried the whole sleep thing again...and wow just laid there and stared out the window for like 10 minutes. then FINALLY i fell asleep. and i guess it was a pretty good sleep. it was hard to get up this morning, but once i got going at school i felt better. more awake.

helps that my school day started out with a gym class, in which we are doing basketball, and i am actually trying.

so there's my oh so eventful night for ya.

but now that i'm just sitting here in the middle of the afternoon, and my school day is wearing down in excitement...i'm just getting very very tired. i think when i go home after school, i'll have a nap.

or maybe i'll just have a nap now. nothing happens in this class anyways. that's why i sit here and blog.

good night.


Lynette said...

naps are happy. Sometimes i nap on my lunchbreak at work.

Often when i have a nite of restless sleep like you just described, i say "ok, God, why am I awake?" And often there's a reason, and once i attend to it, i can then sleep. Sometimes it's time for prayer for a certain person/thing, sometimes it's some Scripture He has for me, sometimes it's a conversation i need to have with someone (not always possible in the middle of the night, but yeah.)

steph said...

heyy hun... fun in ip?? hope you have a better sleep tonight, i hate those nights when you just cant sleep, of course i have cats that always "help"... thay make a lot of noise, at least kitten does, anyhoo, this is about you, not me... hope you have a funner, better sleep tonight:P... can sleep be fun?

erin said...

aww, kitties are so cute. i like what lyn had to say. i think god's been trying to get my attention lately but i keep filling up my time with homework and rac8ball and t.v. and i just haven't been feeling as good so i decided to sit down and read the bible before anthing else and i feel tons better. maybe god is waking you up for a reason. maybe not... but maybe... praying sometimes makes me sleepy. wait, that came out wrong. it makes me feel better and more at peace so i can sleep is what i mean...