Saturday, December 30, 2006


once again, i have pulled off an incredible all-nighter...and i am proud to say that i didn't fall asleep! hence the name all-nighter i guess...

but seriously, the youth all-nighter was last night. and i had a great time just hanging out with friends and playing games bowling and sitting around and trying to sleep and watching Cars and trying to fall asleep didn't work though. i actually tried to fall asleep, and i actually couldn't. it was kind of strange.

so here's my story as to how tired i actually was at 8 this morning (when it ended):
i walked out into the foyer of the church to see if my parents were here yet. and i saw a van drive up, and i'm like sweet they are punctual (it was 8am exactly) and i went back to grab my stuff and say goodbye and everything. then after like five minutes of saying goodbye to people, i walked out of the church, and i'm like wait a van's not here...and keith yells at me, he's like katelynn your parents aren't even here! so i walked back into the church just laughing my head off, because my parents were there yet, and i hadn't slept for a long time, and it was pretty funny. and then sam is like isn't that your parents...and they had just driven up. so yeah it was pretty funny...or at least i thought so early this morning. so that's my story.

and then i just crashed when i got home...barely had the energy to take out my contacts. but i managed to get down to the basement to crash in the dark spare bedroom. except my dad made me get up this afternoon at 1:50...he said if i didn't get up then my schedule would be so messed up because of sleeping and whatnot...but it's going to be messed up again because of new year's tomorrow....whatever.

so yeah i'm kind of tired right now. but kind of awake. i think i'm only still tired because i'm just sitting around doing nothing...i feel ready to go out and hang out and see my friends again...even though i just spent 12 hours with most of them. but they're all still sleeping i think, and i don't really want to call and wake them up. so i'll just sit here and do nothing. or maybe go back to sleep.

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grace said...

wish i could have been there!