Thursday, May 10, 2007


ok so the mexico missions team is fasting right now. as of 6pm yesterday, in fact. and it was up to us on how much or little we wanted to fast...not time wise, but how much we wanted to give up. just junk food, just dairy products, everything except water, etc.
so i chose to give up everything except water. and it actually hasn't been that bad. i don't even feel hungry right now. my tummy has been rumbling a bit, but i don't feel hungry. i don't feel that desperate need to eat. sure, i want to eat...i came home and there was all this yummy food staring at me! but i just want to eat because it tastes good, not because i'm overly hungry. and once i figured that out, getting over the temptation to eat was a lot easier. but now that i'm thinking about eating it is getting stronger i think i will go do something else. not sit here and type about food.

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.into.the.rush. said...

You know...even without food, I was extremely content. Fasting was an awesome reminder for me of the joy and contentment God brings to my life. I think I may even start doing it more often...