Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rhian's Adventure

ok so yesterday my baby sister had a very interesting adventure! just to give you the background information, she's just turned 11...although she is quite tiny for her age. she's basically a little blonde pixie. that's how i would describe her.
anyways here is the story.
yesterday morning, rhian left home early to go to school for math help. but when she got there, she decided that no, she didn't need math help. so now what was she going to do? she was at school early and she couldn't go inside. so she decided to go for a walk. well she lost track of time, and lost track of where she was. she kinda knew where she was i guess...she was in a big green space by highway #5. she didn't know how to get home from there, but she did know where she was, and she knew how to get to a few different places (the dance studio, the center mall, my daddy's office). so she kept walking. she walked along in the grass beside highway 5, took the exit just like they take to go to dance. and somehow she ended up in the field behind evan hardy. and then she realized more of where she was; she was able to recognize evan hardy and could figure out better where she was. and from there she knew how to get to my dad's office. so she walked past center mall and on 8th street for a while and on circle drive for a while, until she finally reached my daddy's office--which is across from market mall.

meanwhile, my parents were freaking out. the school had called my mom at about 9:30, after they realized that rhian wasn't there. so my mom and dad were both at the school, describing her the police and everything. and one set of grandparents were at my house, in case she called or came home. and the other set were driving around the area seeing if they could spot her. so everyone was thinking that it was a kidnapping.

but this story has a happy ending. rhian made it to my daddy's office safe and sound, and when she walked in the receptionists called my parents and it was a happy reunion in the end.

so thank goodness that she was safe! i still can't believe that she walked along highways and circle drive and didn't get picked up...thank god for that!

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.into.the.rush. said...

that's crazy! i'm so thankful she's okay!