Friday, May 18, 2007

Travel News

well well well...mexico has snuck up on me like...well like a sneaky little thing. in ten and a half hours, i have to have my little butt in the airport. wow. that's crazy. to be counting down the hours. it's so close. and i'm super excited. a bit nervous, yeah. but really excited. it's gonna be intense! there's so much opportunity and chance for God to work. and i'm so excited to see and feel him working. everyone's been saying how they will be a different person when they come back from mexico. and i really believe that we all will be different. and i'm excited to see the person that i'm going to become while i'm down there.
oh...on another note...


woohooo i found out today that my application has been accepted! so march next year i'm heading out to egypt with 30 other people from my school. a couple people i know, but i'll find out the rest of the people when i come back from mexico. i begged the teacher to tell me today; the list actually isn't being posted until tuesday. but i just had to know before i left for mexico!

crazy how many chances i've had to travel as of late. i mean i went to maui in february, and right before i left i found out i was going to mexico. and now it's right before i leave for mexico, and i find out that i'm going to egypt...hmm maybe the day before i leave is good luck??? who knows. and plus next year around this time i'll be heading out to ottawa for a few days for musicfest canada! it's a band festival ok...kinda like band nationals i guess is the best way to describe it. but anyways. God has definately been blessing me this year with all the travel opportunitites...and i recognize that it is him. and i'm giving him all the glory and praise! and wow i'm so excited...yeah now i'm getting giddy woooo look out for katelynn right now she's almost bouncing off the walls!

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