Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sunday Morning

well i did say i would be writing some stuff about sunday morning at church so here goes my overdue post about that.

well sunday morning the church had asked for the mexico team to be at both the early and late services so that we could give a flower to each other the mothers (it was mothers day) and so that the church could pray for us. so in the first service we handed out flowers (i spilled a vase of flowers! woot! go me! doing embarrassing stupid things...) and then we spread out through the aisles to be prayed for. and at first no one came righ tup to me, i mean it's not like people ran to me to pray for me. but then mrs. olsen and mrs. friesen, family friends and ladies that i have known forever, came up to me and put their arms around me. and then they prayed for me...and honestly it made me cry. as soon as they started i was crying like a baby. and they both were too. they've known me since i was born ad they said it was almost like sending off their own child. but it was really sweet and nice. and it made me feel so blessed to have people out there praying for me. i mean i know that there are people out there praying for me, family and family friends and stuff. but to hear people pray for's a different feeling. makes things so much more real. and it also made the fact that we leave right away so much more real.

well onto the band trip. main point--seven hours on a bus with 50 other people is loud! very, very noisy. but wow was it fun! we had such a great time. and i'm not going to do the whole every minute detail thing. because yeah it's fun for me to go over every single thing we did and every funny thing every person said...but it's not fun for you people out there reading it. so i'll just remember it in my head. and say random things from it from time to time probably. but i'm really tired now. that's what little sleep does to you. and i have a ton of homework that i need to get going on. in fact i need to write a whole short story. maybe i'll post it on here later if it's any good. we'll have to see. who knows. anyways. time to hit the books.

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