Thursday, May 10, 2007

Refiner's Fire

purify my heart
let me be as gold
and precious silver
purify my heart
let me be as gold
pure gold
refiner's fire
my heart's one desire
is to be
set apart for you, my master
ready to do your will

when we were taking communion as a team tonight, this is the song that came into my head while we were praying...often when people say ok now have a silent prayer time and talk to god and search your heart, etc., songs pop into my head. and they don't leave me alone. and this is the song that came to me tonight.
my favorite lines are the "set apart for you, my master/ready to do your will". my favorite part. and the part that stuck out for me.
ever since we read "authentic beauty", i have been wanting to be set apart for god. and in some respects working towards that. lately not so much...but trying to get back into it. and the other part of the line, "ready to do your will", well, i've been wondering to god about what my purpose in mexico is going to be. mike told me that god told him and the sponsors that there was a reason that i was on this team. i don't know what it is. maybe the adult team does, but i don't. and honest to goodness i am so curious as to why i was picked, why i was meant to be on this team. what my impact is going to be done there. what my purpose is. but no matter what it is, i am willing to do it. i have been working on preparing my heart. i go as a servant.
so i go, not knowing what my purpose is, but knowing that god has one set out for me. and i'm willing to follow him in whatever that purpose may be.

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.into.the.rush. said...

that's is quite obviously my life motto (or maybe even goal?) to spend "Another Day Apart" (as my blog and my life are pretty much centered around)...not necessarily another day apart from reputations or status or labels or any of that...but from this world...I wish to live and breathe God and strive for it every day. I like that you do, too!