Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Funny Stories

first's wednesday. and wednesday in katelynn's world means awana night! but guess what? i didn't realize that awana started TONIGHT! so i was sitting at home, watching tv, when the phone rang. mrs. torvi, my "boss", was on the line. here's the conversaton:

mrs torvi: "katelynn, it's wednesday"
me: "um, yeah, it is"
mrs. torvi: "are you coming to awana? because i have four beautiful girls who are waiting for you..."
me: "omigoodness! it didn't even register! i'll be right there!"

and that's how i wound up at awana half an hour late.
but the best is yet to come!
there are all these new little five year olds. and they're really funny. in council time (we sit there and listen to mrs. torvi tell stories and talk about god and such), this little kid just randomly said "big rockets, big rockets". because, well, yes, there were two giant red rockets in the room. but it was completely off topic, and we hadalready been in there about 10 minutes...hmmmm.
second funny part. this one kid (callan) raises his hand, and says:

"mrs. torvi, can i go home yet?"

well, that made me laugh.
and now here's the best one.
mrs. torvi was talking about parents, and how it's important to listen to them and such. and she says, "even though i'm a grown up, i still have a mommy and a daddy". and this little kid (michael, i believe) bursts out, super loud, and says the following:

"no, your daddy's DEAD!"

emphasis on the dead.
and we all kinda chuckled, and mrs. torvi says "umm no actually he's not".

so it was a very eventful night, one that i was glad to go to after a long school day and a long volleyball practice.

oh, just thought i would add that this is post 201. woot woot!


gracie said...

hahah. those stories are little kids are so funny. i wonder if Destiny is gunna be like that? probably with us hanging around her. i bet her first word will be like blender or

katelynn said...

BLENDER!!! lol hey...this one time...rachel explained to me what she thought johnny table meant. and it's not a little guy on the credits of the wizard of oz!!! haha but i will ask kent for sure when he gets here i think.

D Friesen said...

Happy 201th Post!!!