Monday, September 10, 2007

My Poor Neglected Blog

i feel so bad for my blog. yes, i know it's just a tiny piece of space on the world wide web, but i still feel bad for it! it's so neglected, so much for my "i'll write lots and lots on my blog this year". i started out strong, but then summer came along, and i haven't written hardly anything since school started. and so my blog is neglected.
but really, what do i have to say on my blog? i don't have any big major problems like i wrote about in grade nine. and in grade ten i just wrote about random stuff, because i was trying to write everyday.
so maybe i'll just continue with my random writings on my poor blog, who wishes that i would write something important and actually blog worthy.

can i help it if my life just isn't that interesting right now?


enji said...

ditto that for my blog

Derek said...

same here. except I have lots of cool pics.