Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Put It All Together And What Have You Got...

katelynn's busy school schedule!
well school is up and running...and already i am busy with so much stuff! of course there is homework, which surprisingly has been very light so far! yay! but then last week there were volleyball tryouts, and i found out on friday that i made the senior girls volleyball team, which was pretty exciting. and practices started today, so that's everyday usually after school, plus games twice a week. although playing twice a week cuts down on practice (hehe), and add two tournaments in there plus the year end tournament...yeah busy busy busy. and that's just volleyball! throw in violin lessons/practicing, working at awana every wednesday night, a little bit of babysitting, youth, church, friends, family, boyfriend...and then god! where does he fit in!! it's so much! so overwhelming!
but so far i'm doing ok. spending time with friends at school whenever i can, and when i can out of school. fitting keith in whenever possible (but try to put our schedules together...good luck with that...) and family whenever i'm at home. and the other things all have their place. so i guess maybe it won't be so bad. at least that's what i can hope for.
but anyways, i want to relax a bit for now, which means doing some homework right now. maybe later...i have a feeling this blog might be a little neglected. but i'll try!

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