Thursday, September 27, 2007


i can go get my drivers license in under a month.

and i am so, so nervous.

i haven't even booked it yet, which i really should do because i want to go on taylor and taylor is going fast right now, and i would like to do my test before it gets too nasty outside. as it is i'll probably have to take it beginning of november.
and it's not really that i'm such a bad driver, because i'm not that bad. and it's not really the general driving that scares me, because i'm pretty comfortable with that, and i will be driving more as it comes up to the date of the test.
it's the parallel park that i'm worried about. i haven't parallel parked since i took driver ed. oops! so my daddy's talking about taking me out driving and just making me park and park and park basically. which i guess would be really good, and would help for me to get my license on the first try.
so that's where that is going. oh how exciting.

but i really want my license. so i will practice. yay.

i just need to put in some good music...hmmm...


gracie said...

yeah, im nervous too but my daddy's been taking me out driving a lot lately

gracie said...