Friday, November 23, 2007

Home Sick

i don't mean i'm sick for my home, i mean i am at home, being sick.


i hate being sick. but that's how i woke up this morning. i just have this awful tummy ache! so i took the day off from school. which is really odd, because i NEVER stay home sick. never never never. and it wasn't really my idea. i mean i thought of staying home, but i was like no, i need to go to school...and plus if i wanted to go out tonight i should probably be able to go out during the day! but then my mom suggested i just take the day off and stay home, and that's what i ended up doing because i just feel horrible. just yucky all around. it's so gross, actually. but i won't go into all the details, i don't want to gross anyone out.

the one perk to being home all day is that there is a what not to wear marathon on ALL DAY LONG! so while i am sick i can sit and watch what not to wear. wonderful!

anyways, back to the couch.


Derek said...

when i'm home sick, im not allowed to watch TV

katelynn said...

yeah well my mom paid no attention to me when i was sick...she decorated the house and left me alone for over 2 hours. what else was i supposed to do? lol