Monday, November 12, 2007

It's a little early!

but i did promise caitlin i would help her with filming her speech, and it's not my fault she chose 9am...but it is my fault that i only got about seven hour sof sleep. oh well. i'm young, i'll bounce back. right?

but i'm actually looking forward to today. helping caitlin out for a bit, then chilling with keith and getting fish and chips for lunch--

pause here.


i think once i've eaten my fish and chips i will have a special blog post all about them.

now back to my day.

--and then i'm just chilling with keith i think...maybe going to carrie's birthday party to help steph out, but keith wasn't too keen on my leaving him for the afternoon. so we'll see.

on another note, my back is so tense! even i can feel it, and usually i can't feel it. but my muscles are sore, and they hurt. anyone want to give me a massage???

but i better go sit by the door, caitlin will be here soon.

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